The HDRN Canada IDEA Team has been formed!

After getting a wealth of feedback from HDRN Member Organizations in 2021 about needs and opportunities for embedding Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) across the network, we knew there would need to be a dedicated team of people moving forward in this work together. After some debate and exchange over how a group like this would function and what it could achieve, the IDEA Team was born. The Team will be made up of one (1) person from each HDRN Member organization and one (1) person from each internal working group or team.

The purpose of HDRN’s IDEA Team is to:

  1. Develop a network of IDEA champions within HDRN and HDRN member organizations as a means of embedding IDEA into every working group, team, or operational process central to HDRN
  2. Support the identification, development and implementation of IDEA strategies with consideration of the diverse needs for IDEA informed data research in Canada

The IDEA Team will be a space of learning and exchange, recognizing that each member will bring a specific set of knowledge, perspective, experience, or social position that will contribute to IDEA informed systemic change. Members can expect to both learn about IDEA (practices, policies, dissemination) and inform/identify areas for action. Based on interest and availability, members will also have the opportunity to work on identified projects.

Our first meeting was held in January 2022 with an incredible turnout – 20 attendees! The knowledge, expertise, and experiences that exist within this team will be critical as we move forward with this work. Regular meetings will begin in February, with our next two meetings focused on reviewing the Terms of Reference and identifying priorities for the year ahead.

For more information contact Amy Freier, Chair of the IDEA Team :