“Community of Practice” to facilitate collaboration and share best practices and ideas

Data Platforms and Services Community of Practice

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Data Platforms and Services Community of Practice (CoP), an exciting new initiative that aims to help foster collaboration, dialogue and sharing among Community members and beyond.  The CoP is open to any interested representatives from all Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) SUPPORT Units and associated data platforms, as well as other SPOR-funded entities.  As we continue to spread the word and expand Community membership, our goal is to include members from across the country who represent a wide range of interests and jurisdictions. 

The CoP is intended to be a collaborative space for all involved. Our collective focus will be on sharing best practices, tools and lessons learned related to topic such as:

  • Prioritization of data assets across jurisdictions
  • Challenges and opportunities for data advancement
  • Spreading and scaling common standards for data access requests
  • Other topics identified by CoP members

We’ll share resources and ideas in our meetings and presentations, and will also post items of broader interest here on this blog.

Inaugural meeting

Our first meeting was held in early April and was well-attended. Over 30 people joined in from 11 different provinces and territories.

To kick things off, Don MacDonald, VP of Data and Information Services at the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information (NLCHI), presented three brief case studies of recent cyber attacks.  We then heard from Alison Paprica, HDRN Canada Executive Committee member and Chair of the Public Engagement Working Group, who presented the HDRN Data Protection and Cybersecurity Plan, and invited members to join HDRN’s Cybersecurity Team.

All timely information as Community members continue to shore up their data protection plans. 

Get in touch

We’re off to a great start and have already received many suggestions from Community members about future topics for discussion. Interested in learning more about the Data Platforms and Services Community of Practice? Contact info@hdrn.ca.